Super delicious gingerbread ice cream with tipsy apricots

Does gingerbread belong to you as much in the Christmas season as the bauble on the Christmas tree? I feel the same way. And you can already see the delicious gingerbread in shops everywhere in August/September. But at this time of year I just don't like gingerbread. I think gingerbread belongs in the Christmas season or in the pre-Christmas period, when the days are getting colder and shorter and the preparations for Christmas are in full swing. That's just the perfect time for me not only to snuggle the gingerbread, but anyone who knows me - knows - I'll make something out of it again. The idea for gingerbread ice cream with tipsy apricots came to me when I was reading the ice cream recipe Cinnamon ice cream with Marsala plums have made. That's when I got the idea how great tipsy apricots would go with a gingerbread ice cream. As a basis I took a fine milk cream ice cream and mixed it with ours Gingerbread ice cream paste refined. Alternatively, of course, I also spread a variant without our ice cream paste, with normal gingerbread. And what can I say, the gingerbread ice cream tastes delicious, is wonderfully creamy and melts in your mouth - a dream. In addition the apricots, a dream.

It also works without ice cream paste

if you don't Gingerbread ice cream paste at home, I have also shared a recipe with gingerbread as described above. It also tastes great, but I think the texture with the ice cream paste is a little better because the starch in the gingerbread slows down the texture a bit.

Gingerbread ice cream with now tipsy apricots

To top it all off, I soaked dried apricots in rum for 4 to 5 days. These are cut into small pieces and then added to the ice cream machine shortly before removal. A great ice cream creation and I invite you to simply try this ice cream recipe, with ice cream paste or without ice cream paste. Pamper yourself and your loved ones and melt their hearts.