Men's cream ice cream: A classic reinterpreted

The men's cream, a dessert classic with style and tradition, is experiencing a contemporary resurrection as men's cream ice cream. The gentle creaminess of Vanilla icecream combines with the spirited aroma of rum to create an ice cream treat that brings back memories and creates new taste experiences.

Base with character

For our men's cream ice cream we use our tried and tested Premium Bourbon vanilla paste, alternatively you can use any other one or ours homemade vanilla paste. Our vanilla ice cream with premium bourbon vanilla paste is not only characterized by its high quality and intense taste. The paste also gives the ice cream a great look and a rich vanilla note, which are essential for this exquisite ice cream. A touch of the finest rum adds an additional layer of flavor and takes the traditional dessert to a new level of enjoyment. The carefully selected ingredients guarantee an authentic vanilla experience that comes through with every spoonful

Quick and easy to enjoy

Preparing the men's cream ice cream is very easy: Eis-Perfecto Powder is mixed with milk and cream according to instructions to create the base. The Movito vanilla paste is then incorporated to provide the ice cream with full vanilla power. A shot of fine rum that pleasantly compliments the vanilla provides the characteristic twist.

Refine and vary

Although the men's cream ice cream is a complete pleasure on its own, it offers room for creativity. With Chocolate chips Like here, fresh fruit or even a dollop of whipped cream, each ball can be upgraded to a little feast.

Serving suggestion

The finished men's cream ice cream can be served immediately after preparation. It has previously reached its perfect consistency in the ice cream maker. A few chocolate shavings on top and the classic dessert is ready to be enjoyed in a new way.

Conclusion: The men's cream ice cream is more than just a dessert

It is a tribute to timeless elegance and taste, an ice cream that should be on every menu and that delights every generation. Discover the richness of flavors that this ice cream has to offer and let yourself be seduced by its unique composition.