Tempting roasted almond ice cream

With this roasted almond ice cream recipe I have a very special ice cream for you and your loved ones. Because I have the taste of roasted almonds with ours roasted almond ice cream paste brought into a super delicious ice cream. A great ice cream, where the taste seduction is guaranteed. Because just when you open the ice cream paste, you are greeted by an indescribably delicious smell of "roasted almonds". The ice cream recipe has a great texture and creaminess. A treat for everyone!

Bring the fair home!

And whoops, you start dreaming and the smell of folk festivals, fairs or fairs in your nose. Because from these festivals I always have the smell and taste of "roasted almonds" in my senses. Do you feel the same? Somehow it also takes me back to my childhood, when I strolled through the Christmas markets with my parents. Do you have that feeling too? And you love the smell and taste of "roasted almonds"? Then this ice cream recipe is for you. With the ice cream paste "roasted almonds" you can make a wonderful creamy roasted almond ice cream yourself. It has such a great "roasted almond" aroma and the caramelized sugar makes your heart beat faster.

An ice cream for the whole family

A great ice cream that my family and I really like and I want you to enjoy it too. If you want, you can also have chopped ones sugared almonds add. I always do that and that's how I get the perfect roasted almond ice cream. Since no wishes remain unsatisfied. The "roasted almonds" ice cream not only tastes great, it also looks fabulous, because as you know - the eye or the eyes - are known to eat with it. The ice cream has a great color and is definitely an eye-catcher for your dessert. So, now off to the sofa and enjoy the delicious, delicious roasted almond ice cream while watching TV.