Delicious mangoVariegato Recipe for ice cream. That Variegato also goes very well to refine a natural yoghurt and rice pudding.

How do I use the mangoVariegato in the ice?

With the Variegato can make this great ice marbling. This not only makes your ice cream look even more gorgeous, but also gives it a great fruity note. The finished ice cream is filled into a container in layers and mango is placed between each layer.Variegato distribute and if you like, you can carefully mix / swirl everything with a spoon at the end. I recommend for an ice cream with one Variegatoto take a tall freezer. Because it doesn't work well in flat layers.

Note on Variegato:

hook30 If you want to use a purchased mango puree, there are a few things to keep in mind. Extra sugar is often added to purchased fruit purees. Most of them also have less vegetable fiber and are therefore often more fluid than self-pureed fruits. Therefore, you need to reduce the sugar and increase the amount of fruit puree. Possibly must also bond with the Variegato-Perfecto may be increased a little if the purchased item is very thin. As a little orientation, have a look here at the Variegato-Basic recipe what the proportions of homemade puree to bought puree are.

hook30 Should your mangoVariegato If you have become too fat, you just have to swap some fruit for water the next time. I recommend starting with about 20 g of fruit against water.

hook30 If your mangoVariegato has become too runny, you can use the sugar against Variegato-Perfecto to swap. I would also start here in steps of 20 g.

hook30 The mangoVariegato Fill hot, seal airtight and store in the refrigerator. It lasts as long as jam.

hook30 After making it, you should Variegato Let it steep for at least 24 hours.

I wish you a lot of fun with my mangoVariegato.