If pictures are worth a thousand words, then the above speaks for itself Variegato Volumes about this delicious treat – the White Cookie Variegato. Just looking at this tempting creation, laced with crunchy cookies and presented in an elegant glass container, will make your mouth water.

White cream meets black cookie pieces:

In the heart of ours White Chocolates Variegatos, which forms the base, you will discover crispy, dark biscuit pieces. You can use Oreos or other cookies of your choice. This combination of gentle cream and crunchy cookies guarantees an incomparable taste experience. The contrast between white and black not only fascinates the eye, but also enchants the palate.

White Cookies Variegato: More than just a pattern:

The Variegato-Design is not just visually impressive. It also combines different flavor components that emerge with every spoonful of ice cream. Here is the traditional cookie Variegato reinterpreted through the combination of a velvety white chocolate note and the iconic biscuit pieces.

A must for every gourmet:

The white cookie Variegato is not just a visual highlight. The combination of white chocolate and crunchy cookie pieces really appeals to all the senses. This ice cream is an ode to all cookie and chocolate lovers and shows that even with classic combinations there is room for something new. The cookies stay wonderfully crispy in the ice cream and give it that certain something. The Variegato harmonizes perfectly with various milk ice cream variations. If Butter Cookie Ice Cream, Cookie ice cream or chocolate ice cream, the possible uses are almost limitless.