Sometimes family can give you a helping hand. This is also the case here in this recipe, where my brother's girlfriend helped me along the way. You visited us in the summer and of course we also ate ice cream. My brother's friend told me that she likes to eat white chocolate ice cream with Nutella at her favorite ice cream parlor. I thought to myself, this ice cream creation sounds exciting and I'll build it. So I made a wonderfully intense white chocolate ice cream with a high proportion of the finest white chocolate - couverture.

And now it's getting chocolaty - white chocolate ice cream with "Nutella"

To get the "Nutella" taste, I used a "Nutella"Variegato did. It's a kind of chocolate cream with a hint of nut nougat and it just tastes like "Nutella". Here's the recipe for that "Nutella"-Variegato

This combination is awesome

The ice cream is very creamy and has a great texture due to the high cocoa butter content. The delicious white chocolate ice cream with "Nutella" impresses with a pleasant mouthfeel. The great chocolate note is wonderfully complemented by the pleasant "Nutella" nut nougat taste. And not only does it taste delicious, it also looks appealing.

You can see how something new can emerge when eating ice cream in the family. I honestly have to admit that at first I didn't think this combination would be such a smash hit. My children and my wife are also very enthusiastic. I think you and your family will be delighted too, because who doesn't love the taste of Nutella. I think these are all reasons enough to present this recipe to you and I am convinced that the ice cream is worth replicating.

If you have to be quick, or if you like the "Nutella" Variegato If you don't want to do it yourself, you can also do ours Crema noisette Variegato Take it because it tastes like Nutella. In any case, this combination of white chocolate with the "Nutella"Variegato or the Crema Noisette Variegato very tasty.

Have fun skating!