Berliner/Krapfen Eis - A sweet experiment with a delicious result

Anyone who follows my recipes and makes ice cream themselves knows that I like to experiment and try new things. This time I managed to create an extraordinary donut ice cream. I owe the inspiration for this to my children, who love to enjoy donuts with colorful icing and fillings. So why not turn those likes into an ice cream cone? It may sound unusual, but I assure you, this ice cream is irresistibly delicious.

Berliner Eis – with us without ice cream paste

For the preparation – you will find detailed instructions below – I used our butter biscuit ice cream paste. However, you can also try our cookie ice cream paste. Both pastes give the Berliner Eis the special dough/cake taste. It is of course a matter of taste which variant you like best. If you don't want to use either the shortbread or cookie ice cream paste, you can use a vanilla paste as an alternative. With these pastes, the ice cream gets a wonderful basic taste. We complement the whole thing with a fruit Variegato. I chose one Forest fruitVariegato decided. the VariegatoYou can spread it yourself, you can also find one in our ice cream blog Variegato basic recipe. Or you use them Variegatos from ours Ice cream ingredients shop.

The special extra

For the grand finale, donuts or donuts are cut into pieces and mixed with ice cream under the finished donuts. These pieces give the ice cream that certain something. I chose filled donuts simply because I like them best. This ice cream creation is delicious and makes a colorful ice cream that not only children will love.

A fantastic ice cream that will delight both children and adults.