The crispy waffle ice cream will become your favorite ice cream

You like delicious ice cream and you want it to have a crunchy part? Then you've come to the right place with this ice cream recipe. I wanted to try something new and it turned out really delicious. I have a station wagon white chocolate ice cream created with crispy waffles. With the waffles, I didn't want hard waffles, but nice, airy, fluffy, crispy waffles, like the ones you know to decorate ice cream. It is best to use ice cream weapons that are not filled, i.e. nut or vanilla filling. You can use normal ice cream cones or, for example, the decorative heart cones. Simply cut the waffles – no matter which one you chose – into small pieces. The combination of white chocolate ice cream with the small waffle pieces is wonderful and you have a really great taste experience with this ice cream. A treat, popular with young and old, or, or, or. A beautiful dessert for all seasons.

Whenever the Ice Hot Hunger comes

With this ice cream recipe, I present you with 2 variants.

The first variant is: I have the crispy waffle ice cream with our ice cream paste "White chocolate" did. So that the waffles stay nice and crispy in the ice cream later, I have the waffles with ours white chocolates Variegato encased. Finally, this waffleVariegato Swirled into the ice in layers. You probably already know Einstrudeln from the other recipes, don't you? No, then I have the instructions here video instructions Variegato swirl in to you.

The second variant: here I took white chocolate and made it the basis for the crispy waffle ice cream and here, too, the waffles are made with the white chocolates Variegato coated and finally layered.

I can tell you it turned out a crispy waffle ice cream that is so creamy and delicious with a wonderful texture. It is so beautifully airy, fluffy and of course crispy. An ice cream that leaves nothing to be desired. Good Appetite