Franzbrötchen ice cream: A Hamburg original reinterpreted

Experience a delicious innovation that will make the hearts of all Franzbrötchen fans beat faster: Our Franzbrötchen ice cream. This ice cream combines the characteristic taste of the Hamburg classic with the creamy consistency of premium ice cream. The result is an incomparable dessert experience.

The basis: creamy meets bite

The basis of this unique ice cream is a creamy ice cream base, laced with finely chopped Franzbrötchen pieces. These ensure surprising texture moments with every spoonful. It's the perfect fusion of smooth ice cream and the cinnamon-y bites of the popular pastry.

Taste refinement: brittle hazelnuts and cinnamon

To make the ice cream even more irresistible, we have it with us homemade crunchy brittle hazelnuts and refined with a fine note of cinnamon. These ingredients perfectly complement the sweet warmth of the Franzbrötchen and give the ice cream a depth of flavor that warms on cool evenings and refreshes on hot days.

A feast for the senses

Every bite of Franzbrötchen ice cream is a feast for the senses. The combination of the creaminess of the ice cream, the flavors of the Movito ice cream paste and spice of the Franzbrötchen, the crunchy texture of the brittle hazelnuts and the aromatic cinnamon ensure an all-round harmonious taste experience.

Conclusion: More than just ice cream

The Franzbrötchen ice cream is more than just a dessert - it is a homage to Hamburg's famous pastries. It invites you to enjoy traditional flavors in a new, refreshing format. This ice cream is a special treat for in between, an original dessert at a dinner or a highlight at every summer party, and it promises moments of enjoyment that will be remembered. Let yourself be seduced by this unique ice cream and discover how traditional pastry taste and modern ice cream creations merge harmoniously.