Rocotello ice cream: A feast for the senses
The seduction of the Italian praline

Hardly any other flavor embodies so much sensual pleasure as the famous Italian praline with its crispy wafer pieces, chopped hazelnuts and the tempting nut-nougat touch. It is a true feast for the palate. But who would have thought that this experience could also be enjoyed in the form of ice? A new world full of pleasure opens up with our Rocotello ice cream.

The perfect recipe for chocolate lovers

Whether as a mild cookie ice cream or with a classic vanilla ice cream - the key to the unique taste lies in the Movito Rocotello Variegato. Here we use a quick and extremely delicious ice cream, made with our Cookie ice cream. This wonderful ice cream result allows you to conjure up the unique taste of the Italian praline in your homemade ice cream. Don't worry, it's easier than you think and the result is simply stunning.

Italian joie de vivre in your kitchen

Imagine serving your guests, family or yourself a homemade ice cream that plays with the flavors and textures of a real Italian praline. This is Rocotello ice cream - a treat that brings the flair of this flavor combination directly into your kitchen. The admiration, the compliments, the smiles on the faces of your loved ones - that's what makes this ice cream so special.

Conclusion: A taste experience that inspires

With the Rocotello Variegato you have a product in your hand that will not only inspire you, but also your guests. Whether in ice cream or dessert - it tastes just like the praline and lets you experience the Italian joie de vivre with every bite. Let yourself be seduced by the flavors of Italy and try this Rocotello ice cream recipe. It is a unique taste experience that you should not miss. Our Rocotello ice cream recipe opens the door to an unforgettable pleasure.