Raffaello Eis: A seductive homage to the popular praline classic

I have something very special here for all lovers of the popular Raffaello chocolates: Our Raffaello ice cream. This ice cream is an exquisite ice cream creation that captures the unique taste of Raffaello. This is not an ice cream with Raffaellos incorporated, but a creation in which we have modeled the subtle aromas of a Raffaello in ice cream. The result is a wonderfully harmonious composition of coconut, almond and creamy milk cream that offers a true taste experience and immediately reminds you of a Raffaello.

The basis: coconut ice cream paste for an exotic treat

For the basis of our Raffaello ice cream we use our special Coconut Ice Cream Paste. This ensures a wonderfully exotic taste that harmonises perfectly with the other ingredients. It provides the unmistakable coconut aroma, which is reminiscent of the taste of the popular pralines. This base is so finely tuned that the ice cream already develops a velvety coconut note on the tongue.

As an alternative, we also offer a recipe for one classic coconut ice cream As well as the Fast coconut ice cream both are also an excellent basis for our Raffaello ice cream.

The highlight: milk creamVariegato with almond sticks and waffle pieces

Another highlight of our Raffaello ice cream is the milk creamVariegato. It's topped with slivers of almonds and chunks of wafer that add a crunchy texture and round out the flavor. For this Variegato do I have this Cream milk nut Variegato basic recipe modified a bit and used a larger amount of nut paste to bring out the intense flavor of the milk cream.

Conclusion: Raffaello ice cream – a delicacy that tastes like a holiday

Our ice cream like Raffaello is more than just an ode to the popular praline. It is an authentic taste experience that takes you on a delicious journey. The harmonious combination of coconut, almond and milk cream is reminiscent of sunny days on the beach and the sound of the turquoise sea. Try this recipe and let yourself be enchanted by this ice cream! It's a treat for any Raffaello lover and a must for all ice cream lovers. Whether as a refreshment on hot summer days or as a sweet end to a delicious meal - this ice cream is always a good choice. It tastes like a holiday in the sun and brings back good memories. Enjoy your meal!