Children's chocolate ice cream as a deluxe version

The children's chocolate ice cream is for all fans of children's chocolate and children's bars. I am in love Kinder chocolate. There is nothing! I don't know why, but Ferrero has another product that is really delicious. Often copied and never matched. There are plenty of milk chocolate bars like this, but none of them taste as good as Ferrero's! I find that right away with Nutella. Also there is no spread for me that comes from it.

Ice cream is being made today!

Even if I like Kinder Chocolate, for me, only unfolds its full taste at room temperature, it also tastes delicious as ice cream. Today I made a new Kinder Chocolate Delux recipe variant for you, which can be added to normal ice cream. On the one hand, I've increased the chocolate content and, on the other hand, there is still some added to the ice cream Children's chocolates Variegato. That gives the whole thing the final kick. For all balancers, the ice is outside the usual values ​​of an ice balance. So don't be surprised if your values ​​are wrong.