This is where coziness comes in: cinnamon ice cream

A touch of warmth and spice

Experience a taste that will enchant you with our Cinnamon Ice Cream. In this recipe we use our special cinnamon-Ice paste, which gives your ice cream an exotic touch and ensures an intense taste experience. Perfect for every season, but of course particularly popular in the cold season, this ice cream offers a unique mix of sweetness and spice that will delight both children and adults.

Easy to prepare, unforgettable enjoyment

Preparing this ice cream is incredibly easy. All you need are these Eis-Perfecto Base materials, milk, cream and ours Cinnamon ice cream paste. After a short time in the ice cream maker or in the refrigerator, the ice cream develops its full aroma and seduces with its authentic cinnamon taste.

Creative and diverse

With our cinnamon ice cream there are no limits to your creativity. Enjoy them neat or add ours Apple Cake-Variegato or apple pieces for an apple-cinnamon dream. For extra sweetness, pair it with Toffee caramelVariegato. Chocolate chips, nuts or festive spices such as cloves or cardamom can also further intensify the aroma.

Suitable for any occasion

Whether as a dessert after a festive meal, as part of a creative dessert platter or simply on its own - our cinnamon ice cream is always a good choice. Combine the cinnamon ice cream with Gingerbread- , Spekulatius- or Apple Pie Ice Cream and your family, young and old, will be thrilled.

Conclusion: Discover the variety of cinnamon ice cream

Our Cinnamon ice cream paste brings variety to your ice cream preparation and allows you to conjure up unique and delicious ice cream creations. Discover the balance between sweetness and spice and tempt your guests with an ice cream that they won't soon forget. Immerse yourself in the world of cinnamon ice cream and enrich your dessert repertoire with this spicy delicacy.